Plant based mince recipes Eat me at

You can reprise any favorite meat dish from Eat me at plant-based meat, but it will be vegetarian or vegan. Here you will find many vegan recipes of varying complexity with convenient descriptions and separately prescribed cooking processes. We have presented recipes for every day vegan dishes, vegetarian holiday dishes and dishes of vegetarian cuisine as an analogue of traditional dishes from different countries of the world: kebab, wellington, wrap, banoche, ravioli, conchiglie, and even asian soup and much more, by the way, there is even Ukrainian borscht! Everyone of us often wonder: What to cook? What to have for dinner before your favorite TV series or what to take away in your lunch box? What to grill except vegetables? Here is a selection of different vegan dishes with a set of different products that are easy to find in any store.

We have tasted each of these interesting vegetarian dishes, so we can surely recommend them as a tasty and healthy alternative to animal meat. The basis of the product is textured soy protein, which is rich in vegetable proteins. It also contains yeast extracts rich in B vitamins. An important ingredient is hemp protein. It is quite useful because it has 9 essential amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. That is why it is called a superfood. Combined with full of iron koji minerals, rich in vitamins B2, B6 and B12 yeast extracts, it can be called a double superfood. Here they are, the benefits of vegan and vegetarian dishes. So by adding plant-based meat to your dish, you will balance your diet and take care of your health.

The average cooking time is 20-30 minutes, and the difficulty level of cooking our vegetarian recipes never reaches 10 points. So you don't need to be a professional to prepare vegan meals for yourself or for family and friends. People increasingly refuse to consume animal meat: they reduce the amount or exclude it from their diets with various reasons. Our vegan minced meat is made for everyone. And the main goal is to show how tasty and satisfying dishes for vegans can be. After all, there is a myth that dishes for vegetarians are food that is difficult to get enough of. Eat me at destroys this stereotype. The feedback we most often receive is about the unique taste of the product, which is similar to meat, but it is more pleasant and it doesn`t cause heaviness in the stomach. Eat me at is offered in many establishments in Ukraine, this information can be found on the website in a convenient locator, but believe me that all the recipes offered on this page will make you a real cook, just an expert in vegan cuisine.

Enjoy top vegan recipes with Eat me at!