Eat Me At in the Puzata Khata chain of restaurants in Kyiv and Dnipro

Vegan cabbage rolls from Eat Me At can be tasted at Puzatiya Hata
Іт мі ет у мережі ресторанів Пузата хата в Києві та Дніпрі
Манана Глонті

Puzata Khata is home-style when you want to eat Ukrainian dishes like your grandmother used to cook. And Eat Me At is about the future. So what could be better than the collision of childhood love with modernity?

When vegan products enter such popular and mass establishments, it is a good sign that Ukraine is moving towards ecological, ethical and healthy food with small but sure steps.


We have been receiving feedback for a week now:

Наразі, Eat Me At голубці можна замовити у всіх в мережах Києва та великих Дніпра. Але ми щиро віримо, що це тільки початок і будемо рухатись далі.


One hundred percent vegan product. A portion costs 86 hryvnias - it's two large and tasty cabbage rolls in a tomato-carrot side dish with onions.