Eat Me At: Black Friday is a white stripe

Eat Me At: Black Friday is a white stripe
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Manana Glonti
What is Black Friday for?

We will transfer 50% of each purchase of minced Eat Me At during the Black Friday discount period for treatment and recovery for these animals.

For more details on how the center was founded and what its direct activities are, see our report.

A new law protecting wildlife has recently come into force in Ukraine.

For example, mobile circuses are no longer allowed to work with animals.

We are happy with this news, because it is an important step and a breakthrough. We are grateful to all the activists, conscious people with a position who fought for it. At the level of the law, such concepts as "keeping wild animals in semi-free conditions" and "animal rehabilitation center" have now been introduced.

With the Eat Me At team, we arrived at the only wildlife rehabilitation center in Ukraine called the Wildlife Shelter. It is located near Kyiv on the basis of an equestrian sports club. We talked to its founder Natalia Popova. She told us how animals are treated here, in what conditions they are kept and where they are sent next. After all, the center is not a zoo. They do not live in it.

Currently there are more than 40 animals. And they all get a new chance at a happy life. Because later, they end up in foreign reserves or are released into the wild.

This is your good deed! We are only intermediaries.