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Манана Глонті

On our site there is now a separate section "Look for us" where you can easily find restaurants and shops in Ukraine, which sell vegetable meat Eat me at, or cook with it.

Choose your favorite or nearest place.

During the year, we grew to 80 locations, visited many festivals and events, found many like-minded people, wrote the anthem of vegetable meat, searched for our style, enjoyed your feedback and became friends.

As each establishment has its own style and character, the taste of the dishes in the establishments is different. Each chef creates his own recipe. You can experiment at home, preparing meatballs or rolls (recipes can be found on our website) or choose pizza, burger, rolls on the map. The main thing is that the taste of Eat me at is unchanged!

For example, in Mimosa Brooklyn Burger we are like in New York, but in Bessarabian Square.

And The Burger Mexico is made with a rather non-classic juicy Mexican Colorado burger.

Station pizza has created a unique recipe "Sweet Calabrese Vegan", mixed Eat me at with vegan sausage and vegan homemade mozzarella.

ORANG + UTAN bar added our menu not only to the burger, but also to the role.



And the stores where we have appeared are so different, but all wonderful! From Vegetus to Goodwine.

Eat me at - fit in where cool!