Seitan meat or vegetable meat Eat me at

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Seitan meat or vegetable meat Eat me at

One of the oldest substitutes for natural meat, which has been used in Asian cuisine for over 2,000 years, is seitan - a product made from wheat protein (gluten) and contains a large set of trace elements necessary for our body, including iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, and selenium, as well as vitamins of group B, PP, and N. Seitan is a vegetarian meat substitute rich in vegetable protein, dietary fiber, and fiber. At the same time, it contains a small amount of fat and calories. This product is widely used in the preparation of vegan dishes and is contraindicated only for people suffering from gluten enteropathy. We want to compare it with the plant-based meat of our brand Eat me at, so that you can decide which product is better to choose.

Peculiarities of seitan production and what you can cook with it.

Vegan seitan meat is a fairly simple product to prepare. It can be easily obtained from flour and water even at home. For this you need:

1. knead the dough from wheat flour and water in a ratio of 2:1;

2. soak it in water for about half an hour;

3. Knead the soaked dough under running water until the starch is completely washed away. Usually, this process takes another half an hour, and reduces the weight of the dough by 60%;

4. cut the resulting mixture, which is similar in consistency to a soft rubber sponge, into pieces of the desired size and shape;

5. boil the obtained raw materials for half an hour in a spicy, tomato, mushroom or other broth with the addition of seaweed and soy sauce. The taste of your product will depend on the taste of the broth

6. let the seitan stand in the broth for several days.

It is best to use wheat gluten flour, which is diluted with water in a ratio of 10:9, for the preparation of seitan.

100 g of ready-made meat substitute called seitan contains 25 g of protein, 3-6 g of carbohydrates and only 1 g of fat. It can be stored for several weeks in the refrigerator in the same broth, in a tightly closed container.


What can be cooked with seitan

Seitan is a universal addition to any dish, because it does not have a bright meaty taste, but it absorbs well the aromas of the products with which it is prepared. This should be taken into account when adding spices and sauces. You can:

● fry a seitan steak;

● bake it in the oven, having previously marinated it in a small amount of oil;

● cut seitan into pieces and add to soup or stew;

● thread on a skewer together with mushrooms and vegetables and cook a vegetarian kebab on the grill;

● fry on the grill;

● grind to a state of minced meat and fry a cutlet, add to spaghetti or any other dishes.

To make delicious seitan, search for recipes online. You will find a lot of interesting ideas there.

How does Eat Me At vegetable meat differ from seitan

Unlike seitan, which does not have the pronounced taste and smell of natural meat, our product Eat Me At is difficult to distinguish from its animal counterpart. Its structure and taste are as close as possible to ground beef. The product of our brand is distinguished by a more diverse component composition. It includes:

● textured soy protein, which has a fibrous texture that resembles animal meat;

● high-quality hemp protein containing a lot of substances necessary for the human body, including:

◌ Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids;

◌ 8 essential amino acids extremely important for humans, which are not produced in the body and can only be obtained with food;

◌ vitamins and minerals;

● an inactive yeast extract containing a large amount of protein. It is this component that gives our product a pronounced meat taste, thanks to special processing aimed at breaking down protein and releasing amino acids;

● a rich set of minerals, including iron - an integral component of hemoglobin. The saturation of our product with iron gives a metallic flavor characteristic of red meat and prevents the deficiency of this element in the body, which is often observed in vegetarians and vegans. We obtain minerals by processing the mycelium of the koji mushroom, which is widely used in Asian cuisine;

● sunflower and coconut oil to give vegetable meat juiciness and replace fats of animal origin;

● natural dye from caramel and beet juice - they make our product as similar to meat as possible;

● Methylcellulose – we use it as a stabilizer in our vegetable mince. This substance is present in many vegan dishes, where it is an alternative to gelatin.

Eat Me At vegetable meat does not contain carcinogens, cholesterol and fats harmful to the body. And even if our product, unlike seitan, you do not prepare a steak, it is suitable for preparing any dishes of any cuisine in the world.

What to choose — seitan or minced meat, meatballs or Eat me at superballs — is up to you. And you can order our plant-based meat directly on the website.