Charity Vegan Weekend and a new product from Eat Me At

Vegan weekend in Khvylovy and plant-based meat chebureks
Благодійний Веган Вікенд та новинка від іт мі ет
Manana Glonti

This Saturday, the charity festival Vegan Weekend by the Kozhna Tvaryna organization was held. The purpose of the event was to close the collection of UAH 150,000 for vegan rations for the Armed Forces and for the needs of the Women's Veterans Movement. After all, the theme of the event is "Women at the Front". Visitors had the opportunity to listen to lectures on the topic of veganism at the front and the peculiarities of women's service, participate in the auction, listen to a stand-up performance by Vasi Baydak, and buy vegan products - thus giving back.

This is not the first time that Eat Me At joins the festival, but this time we decided to surprise vegans and cook chebureks from Eat Me At plant-based meat. And you know, there was no end to the queue!


You can learn more about the event and its mood from our report.


At the end of the event, we together with other participants of the fair, speakers, artists, DJs and visitors of the event were able to collect UAH 204,927 for vegan rations and the needs of female defenders! We are incredibly grateful to the organizers from Kozhna Tvaryna for such decisive and effective attention to the problem!

Glory to Ukraine!