The burning collaboration: Eat Me At with TM Vognyar

We love this news, how about you?
Палаюча колаба Іт Мі Ет з ТМ Вогняр
Manana Glonti

Vognyar is a cool Ukrainian product and a farm where delicious peppers are grown. We are impressed by this level of responsibility and love for our work, and yes, of course, we love spicy food. Especially in combination with Eat Me At.

If you haven't tasted it yet, such a taste boom is worth your attention.

This is a collaboration in which we give away a 200 ml bottle of Original sauce when buying three packs of Eat me at Burger or three packs of minced meat.

Vognyar together with Eat Me At goes well with kebabs, burgers or grilled dishes.