Beyond meat and Eat me at - brand comparison

Comparison of vegetable minced meat of the Beyond meat and Eat me at brands ☺︎ We will analyze the composition of vegan meat, the price and describe the taste and texture of the Beyond meat minced meat compared to Eat me at
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Manana Glonti
Beyond meat and Eat me at - brand comparison

Ideas of veganism are becoming more and more popular in the world. The number of people who refuse to eat animal products, which is a fashionable trend in the food system today, is also increasing. Some of the people who switched to exclusively plant-based food came to such a decision out of compassion for animals, others - in search of an advantage for their health. And regardless of the reason for giving up meat, or reducing the level of its consumption, the main question that worries all vegans and vegetarians is: what to replace it with. Today, several types of plant-based meat have already appeared in Ukraine, including our Eat me at brand. We will introduce you to another similar product of the Beyond Meat (USA) brand, which is already sold on the Ukrainian market, and compare how these two animal meat substitutes differ.

What is Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a product of an American manufacturer, which is made from vegetable raw materials with an imitation of the taste and texture of chicken, beef and pork. This product is produced by the company Beyond Meat from California, founded in 2009 by Eton Brown.

The following important dates can be highlighted in the history of the development of the Beyond Meat brand:

2012 - the release of the first product of Beyond Meat, an analogue of chicken meat - Chicken Strips. It was produced until 2019;
February 2015, when a new product imitating a beef patty was released - Burger Beyond Meat. Between February 2021 and July 2022, a cutlet from Beyond beef was tested in the McDonald's fast food restaurant chain under the name McPlant;
June 2018 – the opening of a new production facility in the state of Missouri (Columbia), which led to a 3-fold increase in production capacity;
2018 - the start of sales in Europe;
2019 – the first public sale of shares;
2020 - commissioning of two plants in the Netherlands.


Since 2019, the Beyond Meat meat substitute, made from raw materials of plant origin, can also be bought in Ukraine. Our market presents:

● Beyond Meat minced meat, from which you can make any meat dishes;

● sausages made from vegan meat;

● Beyond Meat beef patties popular in the USA.

Let's analyze what the American meat substitute is made of, and compare its composition and price with our domestic counterpart - Eat me at!


Beyond Meat: product composition and price compared to Eat me at

A large team of 40 people, including chefs and scientists - experts in the field of molecular biology and plant physiology - worked on the creation of the Beyond Meat vegan meat substitute. Having decomposed natural meat into amino acids, lipids, microelements and minerals, they selected vegetable substitutes for each element in order to obtain a finished product as close as possible to meat in terms of taste, smell and color.

As a result of long laboratory studies, an artificial analogue of natural meat was obtained, the Meat Beyond product, which includes:

● pea, rice and mung bean protein isolate – this set forms the protein base of the product. Moreover, there is more protein in a cutlet made of vegetable meat of the American brand than in a beef cutlet of a similar size;

● coconut and rapeseed (from Canadian rapeseed - canola) oils directly pressed, to replace animal fats and add juiciness;

● Pomegranate powder containing 15 amino acids (essential, conditionally essential and replaceable), a rich set of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including iron, potassium and magnesium;

● sunflower lecithin, which has a high choline content;

● yeast extract and dry yeast;

● apple extract - a source of dietary fiber;

● potato starch as a thickener;

● methylcellulose - it stabilizes the mixture;

● beet juice, to give color.

Unlike the American product Beyond Meat, plant-based meat Eat me at is made on the basis of textured soy protein. It has an equally rich protein component, as it contains hemp protein - a high-quality protein containing Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, all 8 essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Rich in protein and inactive yeast extract. After special processing, amino acids are released from it, which give it a characteristic meaty taste.

In addition, Eat Me At minced meat, meatballs and superballs include:

● minerals from koji mycelium, which give the meat a metallic taste;

● coconut and sunflower oils;

● natural dye from beet juice and caramel;

● Methylcellulose is the most popular stabilizer in vegan products.

In terms of taste and smell, the Eat me at product is identical to natural ground beef and is in no way inferior to the famous American plant-based meat Beyond Meat, which is delivered from the USA and the Netherlands. In addition, our product is much cheaper. You can order it directly on this website.